Lisa Feldstein Law Office PC welcomes you to Kinkeeper™

A health law firm supporting family caregivers through online courses and community


Promote Relationships

You keep the family together and everyone in the loop about the latest medical developments


Make Decisions

You ask questions, keep records and make decisions about medical treatment, services and more

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You protect your loved one, even when it is frustrating or uncomfortable to do so



You speak up in health care settings and insist that your loved one be seen and heard


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Who created Kinkeeper™?

Lisa Feldstein Law Office PC is  a health law firm in Ontario, Canada that help family caregivers protect their families. We serve clients 1:1 and, frankly, it's not enough. It's difficult to have the level of impact we want. It's hard to help people who cannot afford a lawyer (being a caregiver can be expensive!). And sometimes people need legal information in 15 minute time-slots, or at three in the morning. We want to do better.

Cue Kinkeeper™: an online platform we've created where family caregivers can come and learn practical information about health law on their own schedule, for a fraction of the price of meeting a lawyer one-on-one.  We also have live courses for those who want guidance from a lawyer and to connect with others in the same situation. We are so excited about this platform and would love to hear your thoughts on what kinds of content we should create for you.

"Kinkeeper" is a sociological term that we have adopted for the family caregivers we serve. We are in awe of family caregivers and believe they also deserve community, resources and support. 

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I am a health lawyer and the principal lawyer of Lisa Feldstein Law Office Professional Corporation. I help clients create and protect their families. I provide health law advocacy and advice to help clients resolve what I know is a stressful, challenging and often scary situation.

I studied psychology at the University of Guelph. When I graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2010 I worked at a Toronto health law firm providing advice to hospitals and other health care institutions. Along the way I also worked at two teaching hospitals in the areas of research ethics and mental health law.

When I am not busy lawyering, I am teaching health law as an Adjunct Professor at York University, mentoring law students and raising two young kids (alongside my paramedic husband). 

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All our offerings are fully remote so you can access information day or night, from your home, a car or even a hospital. And if you fall asleep, you can revisit the material when you're ready.
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Easy to Understand

We get that caregivers are overwhelmed and need to preserve their energy and brain power.
We have taken vast amounts of information and turned our knowledge into digestible, simple lessons.

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Everything we teach stems from years of providing legal advice to and advocacy for family caregivers in Ontario. This isn't university - if we include the information it's because we believe it is genuinely useful for you.

We are pleased to announce that Kinkeeper™ won a Precedent Innovation Award in 2022!


Access hours of amazing, in-depth courses including hours of step-by-step instructions, templates and plain English descriptions of complex laws.

Learn At Your Own Pace

From any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view lessons.

Awesome Community

Join our community and connect with family caregivers from Ontario who are just like you. Learn and share with the growing community.