Form 2 under the Mental Health Act of Ontario

Seeking a Form 2 from a Justice of the Peace

Lisa Feldstein

Health Lawyer, Lisa Feldstein Law Office PC

The content of the course was created by Lisa Feldstein, a health lawyer who has focused her practice on family caregivers since 2013 (called to the bar of Ontario in 2011). She has helped hundreds of family caregivers navigate the mental health and legal systems. In addition to Lisa, other members of the team helped to create the website.

Course Summary

Learn who can get a Form 2; what a Form 2 is; where, why and how to get one. Receive action items such as what to do after you get the Form 2. Prompts and scripts included.

Course Curriculum

Course Pricing

  • Form 2 Course
  • $100 CAD

    Everything you need to know about seeking a Form 2 in Ontario for a loved one with a mental disorder

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  • Scripts (what to say to the JOP)
  • How to find and prepare for court
  • What to do after you get a Form 2