Learn to leverage artificial intelligence

Caregiver lawyer Lisa Feldstein has been using artificial intelligence to help family caregivers and will teach you how to do the same.


The webinar will be approximately 1 hour followed by Q&A.

Learn ways to use AI in your advocacy

Based on Lisa's experience advising a wide range of family caregivers, this webinar will incorporate real life examples.

How to use AI to be more persuasive
How to use AI to help you brainstorm ideas
How to use AI to help you achieve the right tone
How to use AI to write demand letters
How to use AI to prepare for meetings
Mistakes to avoid when using AI

Who is presenting this webinar?

Lisa Feldstein, BA, JD

Health Lawyer at Lisa Feldstein Law Office

I am a health lawyer and the principal lawyer of Lisa Feldstein Law Office Professional Corporation. I help clients create and protect their families. I provide health law advocacy and advice to help you resolve what I know is a stressful, challenging and often scary situation. I am passionate about mental health, having studied psychology in my undergraduate degree. As an articling student I spent 2 months working at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in the legal department. I have been a health lawyer for over a decade, and focused on family caregivers since 2013. When I am not busy lawyering, I am teaching health law as an Adjunct Professor at York University, and raising two young kids (alongside my paramedic husband).

I am also passionate about technology and how it can be used to expand access to justice. In fact, our Kinkeeperâ„¢ platform was awarded an innovation award in 2022. Recently while meeting with a family caregiver, I found myself discussing the advantages of artificial intelligence for their case and decided I had to share this information with other caregivers.